RSA Animate

We at Cognitive Media have been collaborating with the RSA to produce the RSA Animate series since 2008. To date, we have made twenty-one Animates. Each one is based on an edited talk given by a variety of speakers including Sir Ken Robinson (Changing Education Paradigms) and Barbara Ehrenreich (Smile or Die). With over 100 million YouTube views, the series has been a great success, sharing fascinating information with people around the world.


About the RSA

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, or RSA for short, was founded in 1754. From the outset its pioneering, forward-thinking spirit guided its commitment to enrich society through ideas and action. Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin and Karl Marx were all Fellows of the RSA, while current Fellows include   Helena Kennedy, Stephen Hawking and Dame Judy Dench. The Society has funded innovation and excellence in many fields from the invention of devices to sweep chimneys to the development of the first public examination system. Today their mission is to create the conditions for the enlightened thinking and collaborative action needed to address today's most pressing social challenges.


RSA Animates

Here is a selection of RSA Animates. You might be able to see how we have developed the style over time. For example, where once we literally filmed over the shoulder of the artist as the hand drew, we now do this digitally. This makes the process quicker, easier and not such a pain in the neck (or the lower back) for our illustrators, who now no longer have to contort themselves to stay out of shot.


RSA Minimates