The Economic Consequences Of Mr Brown


The Economic Consequences Of Mr Brown

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About the speaker

Ray Laurence

Norwegian sociologist and political scientist Stein Ringen gives his assessment of the New Labour years. He is a Professor of Sociology and Social Policy from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at Oxford University, and a Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford. 

The big issue

Why did the Blair and Brown Governments’ financial mantra of ‘Prudence for a Purpose’ fail to redress social and economic imbalances in Britain? How did the gap between rich and poor increase? And is the British Constitution really to blame?

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The Economic Consequences of Mr. Brown: How a Strong Government Was Defeated by a Weak System of Governance.

The book dissects how New Labour failed in their goals of creating social justice and a stable economy, despite having a highly competent team and huge popular support.

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