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We use illustration and animation to help you tell powerful stories.

At Cognitive we help our clients tell their stories more powerfully.  This means using our storytelling and animation skills to simplify the complex, make the technical more interesting and memorable, and generally grab more attention. 


Our award winning team of creatives tell your story using our whiteboard animation technique. Watch our film to learn how we create highly engaging content.

We have helped the RSA craft unforgettable stories that are changing the world with the RSA Animate series. We have collaborated with BBC Radio 4 to help them develop and delight new audiences for their online platform.

We worked with the BBC Reith Lectures in 2016 to animate Professor Stephen Hawking's theories about black holes, presenting a complicated scientific concept in an easy to understand way.

We have animated a film for the Gates Foundation to help them inspire advocacy in their Vaccine Saves Lives programme.

We have supported Coca-Cola in helping them make learning easier to communicate a forward-thinking marketing strategy at Cannes.

We have designed a range of visual solutions to help Amnesty International spread the word and change attitudes about the migration crisis.

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Our products and services

Everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we have a range of packages, each of which can be tailored to your exact requirements. Maybe you simply need some illustrations to put extra power into your PowerPoint presentation? Or perhaps the only thing that can encapsulate your ideas is a 4-minute whiteboard animation filled with rich detail? Take a look at what we offer and see what’s right for you.


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