Our Approach



In depth research is essential to give us a firm foundation on which to build engaging stories.


The script creates a story arc, which takes the audience on a journey through the information you want to convey.


Our pictures add more layers of narrative, characters for the audience to connect with and enrich the main story arc, while backgrounds create a world of depth.


Bringing everything to life, animation helps to guide the audience through the story and gives it a flow. It can also be used to highlight your most important messages.

Research: Dedicated and thorough

Before we can do anything, we have to understand the subject we’re going to bring to life. This means doing in depth research all around it. In fact, the more research we can do the better, because you never know what might spark inspiration. From complex engineering systems, to innovative new products, to the subtleties of the human subconscious, we love getting to grips with our clients’ fields of expertise.

Words: Carefully crafted and informative

We believe that everything tells a story – even an ordinary teacup. Humans find stories fascinating, because for thousands of years they were the main way people shared information. By finding the stories in the data and facts we’ve researched, we can create engaging narratives that draw the audience in. This makes viewers more receptive to the information you want to convey. Our scriptwriters have a wealth of radio and television experience and use words to create the perfect tone for each animation.

Pictures: Attractive and cogent

It's an old cliché but pictures do tell a thousand words and our pictures are developed to fully enhance the words we’ve written. It is the combination of words and pictures that make our animations so useful as explainer videos and the information in them so memorable. Our pictures aren't just pretty, they are an additional information stream and we love to draw them! We use icons and symbols as well as representational images and scenes to help enrich the storytelling experience, creating deep context and satisfying meaning.

Animation: Directing and kinetic

When we think of animation we often picture mice that own theme parks or dancing bears pretending to be monkeys. Yes, this is animation in the sense that it 'brings things to life' from the latin 'animationem' and is absolutely wonderful to watch and is a real art form. Animation is a big subject, however, and encompasses a wide range of disciplines within.

At Cognitive we use animation as a tool to help bring our smart visual thinking to life. To help us guide an audience through a visual narrative and to help us direct the audience’s attention to important information in a kinetic way.

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