About the BBC

As one of the world’s most respected public broadcasters, ‘Aunty Beeb’ needs no introduction.

We’ve been working with the BBC for six years on a range of projects and in different animation styles including whiteboard (with the hairy hand). Our work has been used on Radio, Television and the BBC website to explain complex subjects – we even got to illustrate Professor Stephen Hawking’s Reith Lectures on the nature of black holes.


A History of Ideas

How did everything begin? What is love? How do I live a good life? These are just some of the questions that ‘A History of Ideas’ sets out to address. Our animations illustrate and complement the thought-provoking scripts delivered by the vocal talents of Stephen Fry, Gillian Anderson, Harry Shearer and Aidan Turner.


Question 1: What is freedom?

Question 2: What is beauty?

Question 3: How can I know right from wrong?

Question 4: How did everything begin?

Question 5: What makes me human?

Question 6: How has technology changed us?

Question 7: How do I live a good life?

Question 8: What is justice?

Question 9: What does it mean to be me?

Question 10: How should we live together?

Question 11: What is love?

Question 12:  How can I know anything at all?