TED collaboration with Cognitive

About TED

Back in 1984, when mullets stalked our hair salons, the first TED conference brought together Technology, Entertainment and Design to discuss the latest innovations and future trends. Today TED conferences cover almost every subject with the aim of making great ideas accessible and spark conversation. TED is run by a private not-for-profit foundation whose core aim is the spread of ideas via mass media and technology. So far TED has lived up to its rallying cry of ‘Ideas worth spreading’, as TED talks have been viewed over a billion times online.  

The collaboration we have with TED goes back to 2010 when we helped supercharge Professor of aesthetics, Denis Dutton’s TED talk on ‘The Darwinian theory of beauty’. We are very lucky to have trusting collaborators in partners such as the RSA and TED. It is that trust that enables us to fully explore the ideas we are presented with. The creative process is unfettered and really quite pure. We have created a diverse series of films for TED, ranging from why Blue Whales are so enormous to the long and pacifying reach of reason.



TED Ed is TED’s education initiative to create lessons worth sharing. Those who want to learn can choose from a wide variety of topics and watch teachers and experts talk about these subjects in an exciting way.

The lessons are short, often animated and always fascinating.

Suggestions for lessons are taken from the TED community and users can create customized questions or discussions around the lessons. These can then be distributed as the community sees fit.


TED Ed films

As a result of the ‘supercharged’ Denis Dutton film for TED, we were invited to be part of an exciting project Chris Anderson was cooking up. Our initial meeting with Chris, led to the tremendously successful TED Ed series. We helped kick things off with an animation for the TED youth conference. ‘Questions no one knows the answers to’, which was the inaugural animation for the project.