The Secret Power Of Time


The Secret Power Of Time

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Ray Laurence

Professor Philip Zimbardo Ph.D. designed the groundbreaking Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971, which looked at the psychology of prison life. He is a psychologist, author of a number of best selling books and a professor emeritus at Stanford University.

The big issue

Can the way you experience time affect almost everything you do? Yes! Professor Philip Zimbardo outlines the different ways in which people experience time to explain why some people wallow in nostalgia, others look to the future and why some only live in the here and now. But it is how these different ways of experiencing time shape societies and can potentially cause conflict that show why time really is of the essence in our lives. More fascinating than an episode of Dr Who and without the need to hide behind the sofa. 

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The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life

Time is the most important force in our lives, and yet most people hardly think about it. In this ground-breaking book, Professor Philip Zimbardo shows how the way we experience time is as individual as our fingerprints, and affects every aspect of our lives. He also shows how we can change that perception so that we can get the most out of every minute. 

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