Re-imagining Work


Re-imagining Work

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Dave Coplin is the Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft UK, helping organisations and individuals envision the full potential that technology offers a modern, digital society. With a wealth of experience advising a wide range of industries on the impact of technology, Dave Coplin is an established thought leader in this field. 

The big issue

Why are 71% of the American workforce unhappy and disengaged from their work? Are open-plan offices really like the Serengeti, where the workers are the prey animals and their bosses the lions? And how come employers don’t trust flexible working, when every study shows that people working flexibly actually put in more time than their office-bound counterparts? Dave Coplin takes a brutally honest view of current working practices and suggests simple but effective ways employers and workers can change to make work both more productive and fulfilling. 

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Business Reimagined: Why work isn't working and what you can do about it

Feeling disengaged at work? You’re not alone! In this radical look at working practices, Dave Coplin shows how process and technology that currently constrains workers can be used to liberate them. This book is a call to action to move away from hierarchies and process towards a more open, result focused, empowered and collaborative way of working. But beware – you may never look at an open-plan office in the same way again!

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