21st Century Enlightenment


21st Century Enlightenment

Cognitive and TED collaboration

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Matthew Taylor was head of the Number 10 policy unit under Tony Blair before becoming the Chief Executive of the RSA in the United Kingdom. He is a public speaker and regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze. 

The big issue

RSA has a new strapline – the 21st Century Enlightenment. But what does this mean? In this rallying cry to rational thinkers, Matthew Taylor looks at how we’re going to have to think differently in order to live differently in the 21st century. Using new scientific insights into human nature, we can widen empathy and avoid the mistakes of the past. But we must also question what progress really means to us as human beings. Is it really helping us to have lives that are well lived? This is why the 21st century enlightenment needs to assert the fundamentally ethical dimension of humanism to help create a responsible, inclusive and sustainable society.

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