The Power Of Networks


The Power Of Networks

Cognitive and TED collaboration

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Manuel Lima is a designer, researcher, teacher and ‘information visualizer’ whom Creativity Magazine has described as “the Edward Tufte of the 21st Century". He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, founder of and works for Google as Design Lead. 

The big issue

In this fascinating talk, Manuel Lima considers one of the longest used and most effective design structures for conveying information – the tree. From Aristotle’s tree of knowledge to family trees, the tree shape has been a great way of showing relationships. But have we got to a point where it is no longer fit for purpose? As our perception of life becomes more complex and inter-connected, do we need network thinking to make sense of our vast array of information and tackle the challenges of the future?

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Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information

From neural networks, to ecosystems and societies, networks are all around us and are the way in which the world works. In this visually stunning book Manuel Lima analyses, collects and presents some of the most interesting examples of network visualizations. From early examples of the tree of knowledge to the complexities of the internet, he shows how we decode networks and outlines the process of network visualization.

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