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Here are some examples of our work across the range of product types we offer, from some true old-skool whiteboard animations to the more diverse styles of animated explainer videos and Animated Infographics. We have also thrown in some Special Commissions for your added viewing pleasure. For further insight into our long-term collaborations, be sure to also check out our work with The RSA, TED and BBC.


Extra Narrative Projects

Essential Message Projects

Animated Infographic Projects

Special Commissions

'Special Commissions' are projects that don't neatly fit into one of our three animated product categories. They are either longer-form pieces which require more time to capture the huge scope of the content, whether that be the entire history of the computer, an exploration of the Nativity for BBC Radio 2, or two mind bending BBC Radio 4 Reith lectures on Black Holes for Professor Stephen Hawking.

Illlustration Projects