Other BBC Projects



The BBC is an iconic British institution and one of the world’s most respected broadcasters, spanning television, radio, film and the internet. Renowned for its public service ethic, ‘Aunty Beeb’ is a fundamental part of the cultural fabric of Britain and as one of the world’s most respected public broadcasters, needs no introduction.

We’ve been working with the BBC for six years on a range of projects and in different animation styles including whiteboard (with the hairy hand). Our work has been used on Radio, Television and the BBC website to explain complex subjects – we even got to illustrate Professor Stephen Hawking’s Reith Lectures on the nature of black holes. We also made a whole series of films to Illustrate the History of Ideas series which you can see here

Below are some other examples of our work and Special Commissions for the BBC.

BBC News, The World Service and other Special BBC projects 

From an exploration of the Nativity for BBC Radio 2, to a showcase of the ManBooker Prize nominees for 2017 for the BBC World Service, we have been asked to make animations for many channels of the BBC.

Our explainer videos for Professor Stephen Hawking's Reith Lectures on the nature of black holes was a real pleasure to work on and have become a must-see; we reversed our usual whiteboard technique and this time used a blackboard to reflect the subject matter!

Projects for BBC Radio 4

When we tell people we are making animations for BBC Radio 4 we are often met with quizzical looks. How do you animate for radio? That is the question that Radio 4 posed to us. Keen on engaging a new audience of digital natives, the broadcaster challenged us to use our visual thinking and animation skills to bring their audio content to life and attract people to their traditional broadcasts via their website. Our ongoing relationship with the corporation means that we are often asked to help with challenging content and narratives such as those pictured below...