The Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission

Customer Interaction Framework

The scrapbook

About the client

Established in 2005, the Gambling Commission regulates commercial gambling across Great Britain. Working with us, the Gambling Commission wanted to create a whiteboard animation explaining the new ‘customer interaction’ framework and how to apply it to staff working in the gambling sector.

The challenge

When creating this film we had to ensure we captured the importance of the message in a way which while being firm, was non-threatening and positive. The film had to cover a range of different settings in a relatable way, appealing to the public as well as the core audience of gambling industry staff.

The film

Customer safety is crucial across the gambling industry. The Gambling Commission explained warning signs to vendors and the steps they must take.

Communicating the Gambling Commission’s important message took several forms. It was essential to convey the wide range of settings the framework applied to; something we did by using a diverse locations such as living rooms, betting shops and bingo halls. To capture the correct tone we used a warm and approachable voiceover. While avoiding a threatening approach, the voiceover and on-screen text still made the importance of framework clear. This same process explained the steps staff should take to ensure customer safety. Applying our visual thinking we used a range of metaphors and imagery - making the film more engaging while increasing the accessibility of the information. These included a measuring tape and scissors to reflect how staff should tailor their actions, icons to emphasize the process of interacting with customers and warning signs such as risk flags relevant to each gambling setting. All this was done using the Gambling Commission’s brand colour, allowing it to fit in with their other materials.

The context

For more information on the importance of interacting with customers, visit the Gambling Commission website here.