The Cares Family

The Cares Family

Combating loneliness through connection

The scrapbook

About the client

Born in London from a chance encounter, The Cares Family have been been combating isolation and building community since 2011. They came to us to create a whiteboard animation encapsulating their message for potential new partners, interested people and members of the team.

The challenge

To tell The Cares Family story we needed to make the most of whiteboard animation’s bespoke nature and storytelling strengths. At the heart of this film was an emotive story to tell. In doing this we had to maximise the film’s lifespan by making careful considerations around language and using realistic characters. Paramount to the film was establishing a sense of identity and belonging, alongside a strong all to action.

The film

Our big cities are exciting, diverse and fast moving. They can also be lonely and isolating. The Cares Family explain the problem and the many solutions they have created to bring older and younger people together in the community.

To tell the story of The Cares Family we started with an powerful script, taking an emotive but clear tone to deliver the narrative while avoiding language that would date the film too heavily. This script was brought to life by a caring, passionate and engaging voiceover. We used strong visual thinking to create a world which was both realistic and relatable regarding character and place, but also rich in metaphor and charm. We did this through the use of landmarks like the Palace of Westminster and lifelike characters. Visual metaphors such as characters developing a network of roots to reflect belonging to a community and our illustrations of activities brought the script to life, with flourishes of charm such as party balloons creating the word ‘groups’. Finishing with a strong and clear call to action, the film communicated The Cares Family ethos through its tone, style and content.

The context

To find out more about how The Cares Family connect people and communities together, visit their website here.