Octopus Communities

We Love Community Centres

About our partners

Based in London, Octopus Communities are a network of community centres that have been connecting communities for 20 years. With a philosophy of sharing skills and resources, Octopus Communities empower people to turn their community centres into vibrant social hubs.

The challenge

Octopus Communities approached us to make an explainer video reaching out to current and new members of their network, and their funders. Using their bespoke chatty and approachable branding style we created a sequence of visual metaphors showing viewers how the network empowers communities. We used their logo of an Octopus to act as the main visual metaphor showing many arms acting as one unit. Visuals like cakes and maps likewise carried their trademark relatable and friendly style. Combined together, we memorably communicate the history of Octopus Communities, their goals, and their successes.

The film

Our short whiteboard animation shows how Octopus Communities love community centres and the way they empower local people to solve local problems and celebrate community. The film shows how Octopus Communities provide the connection and support for community leaders to coordinate, innovate and create strong communities.

The Context

You can find out more about Octopus Communities on their website here.