Dan Pink: When

Canongate Books

Dan Pink: When

Film 2: Synchronize: Three rules of Synching

Film 3: When During The Day Should You Exercise

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About our partners

Canongate Books are an independent publishing firm based in Edinburgh, Scotland; named after the Canongate area of the city. They are most recognised for publishing the Booker Prizewinner Life of Pi and were named Publisher of the Year in 2003 and 2009.

About the author Dan Pink

We are lucky enough to have worked with Dan Pink on a number of occasions including Drive, an RSAnimate. Pink has had four books in the New York Times bestseller lists. His books have been translated into 35 languages and sold more than 2 million copies


The challenge

Dan Pink's new book, When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing, was about to be published. Canongate Books approached us to make four short promotional films and other assets that could be used across their website and social media. We had to create the illustrations and animations quickly, while capturing the essence of Pink and his new book When.

The films

Over the three films above Dan Pink explains some of the scientific secrets of perfect timing.

Whether it is how to 'sync' (team working) or what hours of the day to avoid certain tasks to minimise mental fatigue, Pink uses up to the minute scientific research to confirm his points. We even discover the best time of day to exercise according to your individual goals!

The accompanying illustrations

The accompanying assets that we made for Canongate and Dan Pink cover five other excerpts from the book and perfectly illustrate some of the most salient points in When. They cover the positive effects of restorative breaks and how to take the perfect nap or 'Nappuccino'.  They even look at the 'Uh-Oh' effect (when a surge of activity always comes at a temporal mid-point), the difference between a 'lark' and an 'owl' and what time of day it is best to be treated in hospital! 

The Context

To read more about Daniel Pink go to his website here and you can read more about Canongate Books on their website.

Accompanying Illustrations