Mapping Diseases With Big Data to Destroy and Cure The Complex Diseases

About our partner

E-Therapeutics are a biotech company revolutionising the development of new medicines. Based in Oxford, United Kingdom, e-Therapeutics use a bottom-up approach informed by their cutting-edge network-driven drug discovery methodology. The result: drugs reaching the market more quickly and more cost effectively.

The challenge

E-Therapeutics asked us to create an explainer video showing peers and investors their methodology and its benefits. E-Therapeutics’ brand-new perspective and approach needed carefully considered bespoke visuals. Creating these, we conveyed their perspective and data driven processes. A traditional scientist looking narrowly from a hot air balloon contrasted with modern staff getting the big picture to highlight their progressive perspective. We celebrated their data driven techniques with illustrations of hard drives and A.I – depicting diseases on screens in a network formation. Combined with a stable pace, these visual metaphors were then able to leave a lasting impact.

The film

Complex diseases take a complex approach. E-Therapeutics have created this approach in the form of their network-driven drug discovery methodology. The film shows how advancements in A.I. and big data allow e-Therapeutics to take a comprehensive bottom up view of complex diseases, creating better and more cost-effective drugs.

The context

Find out more about e-Therapeutics here.