NAFP - Carbon




About the client

The North American Forest Partnership (NAFP) have launched a campaign to protect, use and celebrate North America’s forests responsibly with corporates, conservation groups and the public.
Their scope includes encouraging renewable alternatives while protecting natural habitats and places to hike in.

The challenge

NAFP asked us to produce a film for the public which promoted debate and conversation about sustainable cities. By 2050 over 70% of us will live in cities. Set around the changing spread of population, our challenge was to encourage discussion on the role of forests in a society of increasing urbanisation, specifically how forests support sustainable cities. The film needed to address all interested parties and invite all contributions, without alienating any groups.

The film

The film opens up the need to change our approach when creating the cities of the future. Forests provide the perfect material - trees. Trees provide renewable and innovative resources alongside many other benefits. NAFP explain that to create this future, we must value our forests today and be ‘forest proud’.

To visualise this relationship we used a tree as the centrepiece and a metaphor for renewable materials, later highlighting the forest’s affect on climate. Construction and forest stewardship orbit the centrepiece. The result was to link several different topics to forests and forest maintenance, highlighting their importance with bespoke and engaging illustrations.

The context

Find out more about NAFP and what it means to be forest proud here.