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Manufacturing Matters

The scrapbook

About the client

EEF are champions of UK business working with a wide range of people - including industry leaders, policy makers and the media. EEF support and back manufacturing in the UK and EU. Their work is underlined by a strong belief in manufacturing and the value of its contribution to the economy and community.

The challenge

Working with EEF, our challenge was to make a whiteboard style explainer video that tackles public misconceptions about manufacturing in the UK. The film needs to give the audience a broader understanding of manufacturing in the UK, and make it compelling enough that the public will participate in a call to action ‘Tell us your ideas’.

The film

Manufacturing in the UK is often misunderstood. Misconceptions around pay, the industry’s health and use of new technologies can hide the truth. This film shows key statistics about the manufacturing industry, coupled with the results of a survey regarding the public’s views. The result is a film showing an important and strong sector that is fit for the future, one that the public want to see better supported and becoming even better.

We use a combination of classic and modern visual metaphors, such as conveyor belts and space shuttles. These challenge and shift the outdated image many people have of UK manufacturing in an engaging way. They are complimented by visualisations of the challenges we face, and the ways manufacturing can help us to meet them, before concluding in a strong call to action and asking the public to send in their ideas.

The call to action

Find out more about the campaign and have your say, EEF are looking for your ideas! How do you think the UK can move up from 9th globally to become one of the top five global manufacturers? Have your say by clicking here.