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Contract & Handover

Contract & Handover - Illustration

Your initial enquiry, whether through our website, by email or by phone, will be received by our Business Team. We will talk to you about your requirements, suggest suitable products and tell you about our creative process.  Most conversations at this stage take place over the phone or on Skype, but we can meet you at our studio in Folkestone, or in London, or at your location, if you prefer. 

This is also where we agree the contract with you and once that's signed our excellent Creative Team pick up the baton.

Creative Meeting

Creative Meeting - Illustration

To kick-start the Creative Process the first thing we need to do is to find a convenient date to meet with you and your team to discuss your project in detail. This meeting will be attended by Kerry Shelton, Production Manager, one of our Senior Creatives and your appointed Scriptwriter. We are happy to hold the meeting at our studio in Folkestone, or come to your offices, or meet at a convenient location in London.

You will be provided with an agenda in advance, so you know what to expect; however, we like to keep these meetings quite informal and fun. Hopefully by the end of our meeting we will have found out everything we need to know to be able to start working on the first draft of your script and to conceptualise our visual approach.

Script & Visual Treatment

Script & Visual Treatment - Illustration

After the Creative Meeting, our Scriptwriter and Senior Creative get to work, researching and reading up on your core message. We will then present you with a Visual Treatment document including your 1st Draft Script to show our intended visual approach and our solution to your brief. 

The Visual Treatment is our way of confirming we have understood your requirements for the film, so this should feel like we are repeating back what you have told us. We will also include an explanation of the key elements of what makes up one of our Scribed films.

Feedback on script & Visual Treatment

Feedback on script & Visual Treatment - Illustration

Our focus at this stage is to ensure you are happy with our intended approach, and to make any amendments to the script that may be required. We hope to hear back from you within a few days, giving us any notes for amendments where necessary. We will then re-draft the Script and send out a new version to you for your approval. After this, we can make a few more tweaks to make sure it’s on brand and that any jargon is company specific. We will then deliver a final locked draft of the Script for you to sign off.


Storymapping - Illustration

When the Script is close to being signed off, our Creative Team will ‘swarm’ your film. This session is lead by your Senior Creative, working alongside Andrew Park (Company Director), and other members of your dedicated Creative Team. This session is very lively, loads of ideas are thrown around with the end result being a Big Picture map of how we will approach your project visually. We will send you a copy of the map and will then hold a conference call to talk you through the thinking behind our ideas and how they will be developed.

Feedback and Bluelines

Feedback and Bluelines - Illustration

Again, this is another important stage of the production process where your input is key. You might love or hate aspects of our visual approach and this is the perfect time to find out what stays and what goes! It’s very easy for us to make changes at this stage, so your thoughts and feedback are very welcome.

Once we have spoken to you and have a clear idea of any amendments we need to make, we then start work on your detailed, visual line-by-line breakdown of the script. We use ‘Blue Lines’ at this stage, to differentiate from the final polished Illustrations. The Blue Lines are quick and sketchy, and act as a draft of the illustrations that can very easily and quickly be redrawn.


Animatic - Illustration

We use the ‘Blue Lines’ to create a rough Animatic. An Animatic is a very simple moving version of the Story Map, used to demonstrate timing of the delivery of information. It has camera moves and minimal things popping on, but uses a ‘scratch’ voiceover (recorded by one of our team), the rough blue line illustrations and no real animation. It is in no way an indication of how the final version will look, so please do not be worried!

We will send you a small-sized file of the Animatic, usually a .mov or an .mp4. to ensure you feel the pacing and storytelling is clear and concise. We will then hold our next catch-up conference call with you to discuss any feedback you might have.

If you need us to make any changes to the Animatic we will go back to the Story Map and update the Blue Lines accordingly. We will then send you these sections as a still image for your approval.


Illustration - Illustration

Once we have delivered a Story Map that you are happy with we will develop the Blue Line sketches into final version inked illustrations. The Senior Creative will work with our Illustrators to build up a range of bespoke characters ensuring we have the correct gender, age range, and ethnic balance. We can even add in some of your key staff members or associates too!


Voiceover - Illustration

When we have a locked version of the script, whilst the Final Illustrations are in progress, we can start to think about your Voice Over (VO) record. We will help you with the selection process and will discuss tone and delivery of the script with you. We will send a selection of professional VO Artist show reels to you to choose from and will book the artist and studio when your decision is made. Our VO Director will attend the session, to ensure the script is delivered as requested and within the time agreed for your film. We highly recommend that a member of your team attend this session to ensure you are really happy with the delivery.


Animation - Illustration

When the illustrations are complete, and we have the Voice Over, we can move on to the final stage of your project, adding camera movement and animation to bring your film to life! We will send you a Proof version for your feedback. This version doesn’t have the ‘hand’ in it yet, as it’s a lot easier for us to make amendments without this extra layer on. Once we have discussed your feedback we will make any necessary amendments and deliver a 2nd Proof for your approval. Once you are happy with this we add the ‘hand’ and SFX and deliver your Final Master film to you for sign off.

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