Digital Health Story

About the client

Pfizer are a global pharmaceutical company committed to programs that provide public benefit, advance medical care and improve patient outcomes. While developments in technology and algorithms have had an impact on many areas of our lives, healthcare has lagged behind in embracing these developments for a range of reasons. With this in mind, Pfizer approached us to create a series of images and infographics to help them provide a brief introduction to digital medicine that explores the challenges in implementing these tools and moves the field forward.

The challenge

Our challenge when creating these infographics was to make a series of illustrations that worked equally well in a range of contexts. Not only this, but these illustrations had to present technical and abstract concepts in a way which was engaging and provocative. This is the very essence of visual thinking and whiteboard animation. Underpinning all of this was the need to balance information, illustration and text.

The illustrations

We have created ten versatile infographics that encapsulate different aspects of digital health, raising awareness around its role in the wider medical sector. These take a range of styles and are designed to work in a variety of settings. An important consideration was our choice of accent colour. To ensure these images could work digitally and in print, as well as in colour or in black and white, our accent colour choices were critical. To meet these challenges while engaging audiences we used teal alongside grey to create contrast and depth. This combination drew the eye and placed these illustrations firmly in the medical sector.

In places we used visual metaphors to deliver technical data and concepts through refreshing angles. This approach included an illustration using a tree to represent operational and clinical considerations, asking ‘is there a fit-for-purpose digital measure?’ Highlighting the adaptability of the whiteboard style, other topics required a more chart-based format to represent the information directly. This is true of illustrations such as the diagram charting market access against levels of access. This infographic relied on a chart style accompanied by key text. To give it a playful and memorable tone we used friendly typography and charming illustrations, all tied together through the careful use of our accent colours.

From heavily chart based illustrations to more abstract visual metaphors, these infographics were able to inform and engage viewers - and through their playful tone garner interest. Across ten illustrations they expressed detailed, technical and conceptual information in formats suitable for a range of different media.

The context

See these illustrations in context and find out more about digital medicine here.