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Cynthia Hall and The Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

IDEAL Response©

About the client

The Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development and Cynthia Hall have been creating a series of videos that look at childhood trauma and the application of TBRI®. Providing important insights and guidance, each film has brought the work of Dr Karyn Purvis and the Karyn Purvis Institute to key and wider audiences. To continue this series and the sharing of valuable information, we worked with Cynthia Hall and the Karyn Purvis Institute on the latest part of their series.

The challenge

To capture the essence of this important but sensitive topic we had to take a delicate approach. The film had to be relateable to its audience and informative, while avoiding a strong authoritative tone. A nuanced and complex subject, information had to be presented in a clear and understandable manner. In addition to this, the film had to be consistent with the previous films in this series.

The film

In this film the Karyn Purvis Institute guide viewers through the best way to interact with children from hard places and respond when faced with challenging behaviours.

Using a child’s train set as a dynamic and recognisable piece we navigated the narrative and moved it forward, building on this central image with a wide range of complimentary visual metaphors. Through these we made the information being delivered more accessible and memorable, including visual metaphors like dynamite fuses being put out to reflect the defusing of situations. The voiceover added an important channel of communication to the film, using an informed tone that avoided being authoritative.

We embraced the full range of communication tools available in whiteboard animation by adding a large amount of explanatory text. This text allowed key points to be emphasised and expanded upon. A diverse range of characters and relatable settings allowed us to appeal to a wide audience, inviting viewers to identify closely with the film and take home its messages.

The result was a detailed film providing clear advice in an accessible, engaging and transferable way.

The scrapbook

The context

Find out more about the IDEAL Response© and TBRI®, and how they could help you interact calmly and effectively with children from hard places here.