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About our partners

American based health platform InTouch Health are taking healthcare in the USA into the 21st century through their use of technology and connectivity. InTouch Health are ranked the #1 virtual care platform by KLAS Research and provide medical professionals with secure and simple digital tools, allowing them to focus on the important element - patient care. InTouch Health are used by organisations like Stanford Medicine and Dignity Health.

The challenge

InTouch Health asked us to make them an explainer video for their new software Enterprise 2.0, positioning it to medical professionals as medical grade software.  Using a series of visual metaphors we emphasised how other methods fall short, while showing that InTouch Health provide a user-friendly system fit for the future. One example was achieved by visualising other methods as an outdated pickup truck while InTouch Health was shown as a modern and capable ambulance.  Giving this explainer video a steady pace we delivered a large amount of information in a memorable, professional and clear way.

The film

There are a number of options medical institutions could take to make their services more connected. The film shows how InTouch Health offers a simple, effective and secure solution to empower medical professionals, and improve the essential link between them and their patients.

The context

Find out more about InTouch Health here and view our film on their YouTube channel here.

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