Bellwether: Improving School Transportation

Bellwether Education Partners

Three Ways to Improve School Transportation, in Under 3 Minutes

About our partners

Education non-profit Bellwether Education Partners operate across America, dramatically improving education and its outcomes for under-served children. They have worked with over 400 organisations all over America to make education a process that benefits all.

The challenge

We were approached by Bellwether Education Partners to create an explainer film informing the public about school transportation and the issues that affect it, as well as the solutions. We used a combination of visual metaphors and pace to highlight how outdated and under-invested the service is. One important challenge was to convey the scale of the system and the problems in a memorable way. To meet these challenges our visual metaphors included worn out old school buses and aerial views. Using the above, we turned dense information into a flowing visual narrative.

The film

The American school transportation system is the largest transit system in America. The smooth running of it is essential in empowering schools to deliver the education students need.  Our film raises awareness of this problem, while also offering solutions.

The context

Find out more about Bellwether Education Partners on their site here.