Damian Hughes - Liquid Thinking

Damian Hughes - Liquid Thinking


About our partners

Damian Hughes is an inspirational speaker. As the founder of the Liquid Thinker consulting group Damian uses proven methods and his vast experience in sports, psychology and HR to help individuals, groups and organisations to affect motivational and inspirational change.

Their need

This book is a collaboration between Damian and Andrew. Andrew says, ‘The nice thing about illustrating for Damian is that he provides very rich content full of metaphors and cultural reference points, which are a dream to visualise.’ As you can see the book is illustrated with rich, full colour illustrations throughout. Many of them capturing cultural icons from the sports, business and entertainment industries.  The illustrations focus on conceptualising content and themes with the use of portraiture and caricature.

How we collaborated

Our relationship with Damian started when we met at an HR event when he was working at Unilever that we were visually capturing. Our initial conversation led to us illustrating Damian’s first self-published book, ‘Liquid Thinker’. We went on to help Damian publish three more books, which we designed and illustrated. We also supported many of Damian’s speaking engagements, where Cognitive’s director Andrew Park live-Scribed the proceedings.

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