Oil Industry

Oil Industry



For confidentiality reasons we cannot disclose the name of this client. However, they work in the oil exploration industry.

How we collaborated

Most of the work we do involves a tremendous amount of collaboration with our clients. This particular ‘Big Picture’ originated at a live event. It is essentially a creative ‘representation’ of the event proceedings, synthesised and collated into visual journey. During the event, a Scribe captured key messages from the event and visually mapped them into a pictorial journey over the five-day event. The visuals reflected the industry of the client by using a mining and oil exploration theme. The end result is a rich, visual metaphor which can be used to explore, not only themes arising from the event, but the broader landscape of oil exploration in general. The drawing from the event was worked up into a ‘Big Picture’ A useful communication tool, which can be printed and shared with further groups of people or sent out as a digital document.

Project scrapbook