BBC: Change is Gonna Come


A Change Is Gonna Come

About our partners

The BBC is an iconic British institution and one of the world’s most respected broadcasters, spanning television, radio, film and the internet. Renowned for its public service ethic, ‘Aunty Beeb’ is a fundamental part of the cultural fabric of Britain. 

The challenge

When we tell people we are making animations for BBC Radio 4 we are often met with quizzical looks. How do you animate for radio? That is the question that Radio 4 posed to us. Keen on engaging a new audience of digital natives, the broadcaster challenged us to use our visual thinking and animation skills to bring their audio content to life and attract people to their traditional broadcasts via their website. We have an ongoing relationship with the corporation and are often asked to help with challenging content and narratives. 

The film

Soul Music is a BBC Radio 4 programme which explores the emotional impact of music and songs. People are interviewed about a particular track or piece of music and the song is explored from multiple viewpoints. To mark Black History Month, the programme explored a song that has become synonymous with the American Civil Rights Movement, Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come. Inspired by personal events in the singer's life, notably being excluded from a 'whites-only' motel in Louisiana. The song is a brooding but bright civil-rights anthem that moves from bigotry and bloodshed to hope and beauty in barely three minutes. Political scientist Professor Mary King describes how Cooke’s record became a that symbol of hope.

Our approach

The Mississippi River is a key visual motif in this piece of work. Not only is it a portent symbol for Cooke personally, graphically it also becomes a torrential fist symbolising the civil-rights movement. It allows us to build the narrative and keep it flowing to its conclusion.


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