North American Forest Partnership (NAFP)

NAFP (North American Forest partnership)

Different Forests, Diverse Outcomes

The challenge

The North American Forest Partnership needed to engage with a wide range of stakeholders from the general public to commercial partners and even Government. 

This film was the second of two films, with less content but more data to convey.  The goal was to highlight the wide diversity of forests and forest ownership to encourage greater collaboration between parties. 

About our partners

The North American Forest Partnership (NAFP) is a diverse group of companies and organisations from throughout the United States and Canada committed to the management, promotion & longevity of sustainable, healthy forests.

The film

The NAFP community represents over 100 diverse members united by the shared ethic of forest stewardship. The film explores the different stakeholders, employees and owners trusted with the management, protection and running of North America’s forests. The film sheds light on how North America has maintained and protected it’s forests over time, exploring the subjects of wild fire and pest management.

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