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The Future of Humanity

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The BBC is an iconic British institution and one of the world’s most respected broadcasters, spanning television, radio, film and the internet. Renowned for its public service ethic, ‘Aunty Beeb’ is a fundamental part of the cultural fabric of Britain. Yuval Noah Harari is a historian, writer and Professor of History of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has won the Polonski Prize for Creativity and Originality twice.

The film

In this short film for Radio 4, historian and author of the international bestseller Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari predicts the future of humanity.

"We are probably one of the last generations of Homo sapiens," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

What will be the future of Humanity?

Yuval Noah Harari takes a radical look at how the human race could evolve. Are we on the brink of breaking away from 4 Billion years of organic evolution and using intelligent design to create an inorganic version of ourselves? Harari shows that if we do, then the sky’s no longer the limit and that a new chapter of human history could be written in the stars.

The context

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