The Foundation for Positive Mental Health

Foundation for Positive Mental Health


About our partners

The Foundation for Positive Mental Health is a charity dedicated to helping people combat stress, anxiety and depression through the use of self-help audio programmes. The Feeling Good app comes preloaded with some introductory material including the film on 'Resilience'.

The challenge

Dr Alastair Dobbin, co-founder of the foundation, asked us to make an easy to understand animation that would clearly explain to the users of his app what is happening in the brain when we meet a challenging situation. We used simple graphics and plain English to get across the message so that users of the app can easily watch and absorb the information and find out how the Feeling Good app is going to help them.

The film

Resilience is a key skill for positive mental well-being. Olympic athletes are good at bouncing back and feeling good after losing a race because they have resilience. How do they do that? And what can we learn from them to help us overcome stress and depression in our own lives?

Dr Dobbin explains how techniques developed to build athlete’s resilience can help us overcome life’s setbacks and challenges.

The Context

Positive Mental Training is available as an IOS or Android App called Feeling Good. The app is free to download, and comes preloaded with some introductory material. 


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