Explainer videos by Cognitive

Our creative team can make your content into shareable, engaging and memorable Explainer Videos.

People keep asking me, “Why did you go all the way to England for this?” - and of course this is why. You are the gold standard.
— Cynthia Hall on the Karyn Purvis Institute animated Explainer Videos

Research by eMarketer shows that 4x as many customers would rather watch an explainer video about a product than read about it.

At Cognitive, we have created some of the best Explainer Videos for some of the worlds most respected companies and exciting brands.

Working with the RSA on their RSA Animates Explainer Video series

Back in 2008 we started working with The Royal Society of Arts, creating animated Explainer Videos around some of their keynote speeches. The speeches were often complex, sometimes dry and had low engagement rates. Our trademark Whiteboard Animation approach made this content engaging, understandable and memorable. Today the series has had over 100 million YouTube views!

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