If Superhero powers were real: Super Strength


If Superhero Powers were Real: Super Strength

Cognitive and TED collaboration

About the speaker

Ray Laurence

Joy Lin graduated with 3 degrees in science by the age of 21, but decided to follow a teaching career rather than one in academia. She is a writer and educator, and in 2012, she was chosen as one of 18 winners of Ted Ed’s ‘Lessons Worth Sharing’. She describes herself as being ‘one lab accident away from becoming a supervillain’. 


The big issue

Many people dream of having super strength. Think of the people you could help and the lives you could save! In this fun film, Joy Lin looks at some of the practical problems you’d face everyday if you suddenly woke up 1000 times stronger. Would you really be able to help others, or would you become a danger to everyone and everything around you?

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