Beautifully Obvious

About the client

WeTransfer have been carving their own path since 2009, building a reputation based on trust from the start. Today they are a major file transfer service with 43 million users. But WeTransfer are so much more! This is why WeTransfer came to us, to create a whiteboard animation that shows people where they came from and the wide range of services they offer today. WeTransfer enable the creative process from beginning to end.

The challenge

To bring WeTransfer’s vision to life, we had to create a Whiteboard Animation that embodied WeTransfer’s core values, history and their presence in the creative process. Speaking to an audience who use WeTransfer already and the wider public, the film had to seamlessly move the focus to the present day and highlight their full range of services. While doing this, our use of visual language had to be powerful enough to tell the WeTransfer story with or without audio.

The film

WeTransfer launched in 2009 and from the very beginning did things differently. They encourage creativity through an intuitive user experience and the responsible use of their advertising space. WeTransfer have gone on to launch online platforms and tools to showcase and support creativity of all kinds. They put people first, creativity second and technology third, it’s beautifully obvious.

Our film reflected the narrative of elegant simplicity established by WeTransfer. Imagery and visual metaphors such as roller coasters, dancers, film crews and radio masts told the story of WeTransfer while reflecting their creative focus. The illustration style and character design visually captured the conversational style established by the voiceover. These allowed the film to resonate with WeTranfer’s audience and to fully encapsulate WeTransfer’s story and ethos. The result was a film which told the story of WeTransfer from their origins to the present day, placing them at the heart of the creative process as a supporter and enabler.

The context

Find out more about WeTransfer’s ethos and products here.

The scrapbook