Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Hill Holiday

Janssen and Hill Holiday






About the client

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, part of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical group are dedicated to finding treatments for a range of deadly and debilitating diseases. They empower and educate people to make informed choices with education programmes. Wanting to raise awareness of treatment options for sufferers of coronary artery disease (CAD) and peripheral artery disease (PAD), they worked with us through agency Hill Holiday to create films that inform and educate.

The challenge

Working with Hill Holiday and Janssen Pharmaceuticals we had to bring the serious and detailed subjects of CAD and PAD to life. To focus attention on the message, our illustrations and animation had to take a minimalist approach -accurately presenting the information being discussed. Most importantly, given the serious nature of these conditions, our work had to be clearly recognisable and relatable.

The films

CAD and PAD affect a large amount of the American population. Sufferers can experience symptoms such as heart attacks and strokes. Janssen Pharmaceuticals have created the Clot Wise Education Programme to raise awareness of the risks posed by CAD and PAD.

These films had to supply accurate and detailed information in a way that left a lasting impression on the viewer. To make this information accessible and digestible we used a slow pace and clear framing. These gave viewers the time and focus to receive information fully. Our choice of visual language matched the voiceover closely, taking the form of highly realistic and relateable illustrations. These included anatomical drawings such as the cardiovascular system and close ups of plaque in arteries. Text joined these illustrations to emphasise key points. Visual metaphors and graphs provided useful tools when presenting more abstract information, including a crowd of people shaded to present statistics.

These facets combined into four films which presented complex medical issues and treatments in an open, accessible and memorable way - allowing for deeper understanding and further discussion.

The scrapbook

The context

Take Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ Clot Wise education programme by clicking here.