Prio Partners

Prio Partners

About our partners

Prio Partners is an independently owned private investment office based in Zurich, Switzerland. They create tailor-made investment strategies for a range of clients from private individuals to family businesses and foundations. Their aim is to protect and grow their clients’ capital over the long term.

Their need

Prio Partners had a couple of needs. The first was a series of illustrations for a book ‘Wealth Management Guide: 5 Steps to Achieving Your Personal Investment Goals’ by Dr. Patrick Cettier, Managing Partner and founder of Prio Partners. The second was a set of illustrations for presentations. All illustrations needed to work in both English and German.

How we collaborated

We worked closely with Dr. Cettier throughout the project. This started with a Skype meeting in which he explained exactly what he needed and even provided a couple of rough sketches to give us an idea of the direction he wanted us to work in. We then took our meeting notes and brainstormed them. For example, we used Prio Partners’ declaration ‘We never bet everything on one hand’ as a metaphor to illustrate how they go about diversifying risk to create a maximum return on investment.

We got back to him with Work In Progress ‘blue line’ sketches, which we discussed with him in a Skype feedback session. After factoring in feedback, we moved on to inking the illustrations before another round of feedback. We then made our final amendments before delivering the master images ready for both the book and presentations.

Project scrapbook