Circular Economy

About our partners

Founded in 1995 in San Jose, Califormnia, eBay Inc. is a global commerce leader. Collectively, it connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world in a circular economy where buyers and sellers can trade, giving new life and value to used items. By 2020, eBay aims to create $2.5 billion in positive economic impact, avoiding 2.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions through people selling preowned items on eBay.

The challenge

eBay asked us to make a film that highlighted their CSR credentials, by promoting and explaining the Circular Economy to the wider eBay community.  They wanted us to illustrate how, from inception, eBay has been contributing to the creation of a less linear model of consumption and is founded on the very principles of a circular economy. We had to show how eBay connects people around the world and gives each sold item renewed life and value.   

The film

Our film introduces the concept of the ‘circular economy’, how it works, what part eBay plays, and the positive impact this has on the world we live in. Rather than owning items and then discarding them, users are shown trading with one another to give items a new lease of life. In just 2 minutes a tight script, interesting characters and simple animation helps engage the audience and inspire them to make a choice to be more sustainable.

The context


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