BBC: What did the suffragettes do for you?


What did the suffragettes do for you?

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The challenge

Our first step was to look in to the history of suffragettes and research the artwork from that time to try and understand the look and feel for the film. We wanted to try and replicate some of those ideas. The BBC wanted there to be a slow unveiling of information and to keep the clarity. There were a range of characters, symbols and textural elements to fit in and we followed a sort of smooth movement, text, fade in, a drawn-in figure to keep you focused on that section.

The film

100 years ago women in the UK won the right to vote. Scarlett Moffatt tells the story behind this historic milestone and introduces the extraordinary women who fought for the suffrage movement. As women continue to protest for their rights, the suffragettes’ legacy inspires us to fight sexism and push for total gender equality.

The context

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