BBC i-Wonder Mercury in Fish


BBC i-Wonder Mercury in Fish

About our partners

BBC iWonder is the digital factual and educational brand from the BBC designed to explore different perspectives on thought-provoking questions sparked by everyday life, current events, BBC programmes and campaigns or social trends.

iWonder Guides organise video and audio, rich infographics, written summaries, and activities into stories that are compelling and populist yet still deliver a learning experience through interactivity and reflection. They apply the underlying learning model of theory, practice and reflection, presenting entertaining content in easy-to-digest steps.

The film

We made this film for the BBC for their I-wonder guide called Should I worry about the mercury in the fish I eat? . This explore mercury in our diets and at what level mercury is safe to consume.

Much of the mercury in our bodies comes from eating fish – but how does it get there in the first place? This film shows how human activity increases the amount of mercury in the environment and how that mercury is then passed into the food chain. We see the role biomagnification plays in concentrating the mercury in certain fish, and why you might want to think twice before ordering that swordfish steak! 

The Context

The full iWonder guide can be seen here


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