The New Innovative Finance ISA 

About our partners

IFISA Limited are a financial services company who had developed a Peer-to-Peer lending product.  They wanted to promote an Innovative ISA on their new website - the InnovativeFinanceISA.org.uk.

The challenge

The explainer video we made for IFISA was aimed at consumers looking for a new way to invest their money.

Since it was a new type of ISA only just available in the UK, they wanted to create awareness for this new type of ISA and how peer-to peer lending works. They aimed to help clients understand Innovative Finance ISA and how to get the best out of them.

The film

The film explains the Innovative Finance ISA in a fun, easy to understand way. The viewer is guided through how Peer-to-Peer ISA's work, what the regulations are, and what the return rate is compared to traditional cash ISA's. The audience also learns how the Innovative Finance ISA helps to support the UK’s small and medium sized businesses.

In order to engage with the viewer effectively, we used recognisable 'trusted' animal characters - the British Lion and the Unicorn, to help illustrate the relationship between the borrowers and the lenders.  This helps the viewer to identify with the characters of the lender and the borrower through the story, and in turn understand the peer-to-peer relationship and the advantages of investing in ISA's of this type.

Project Scrapbook