International Centre for Lifecourse Studies

International Centre for Lifecourse Studies

Life Gets Under Our Skin

About our partners

The ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies is based at University College London. The centre collects social and biometric data ‘right across life’ to gain a better understanding of the long term influences on health and wellbeing. Using information from longitudinal studies like the British Birth Cohort Studies, they combine data about people’s circumstances with what’s happening inside them, to look at how all that affects health over the course of life.

The challenge

The film needed to show why the research evidence that comes from this type of science is so important.  This short explainer video answers the questions; how does class, education and work affect our health and quality of life? And, if we could identify the ‘pinch points’ within people’s lives, how can we reduce the strain? In this film we use whiteboard animation to take a look at how life gets under our skin,  to try to find ways to help people live happy healthy lives.

The film

In this fascinating film for ICLS, we uncover how longitudinal data can be used to paint a clear and nuanced picture of how 'life gets under our skin’, how it affects what goes on inside us, and the potential that has for improving people’s lives. 

The context


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