Bellwether: Teacher Pensions & Social Security


Teacher Pensions & Social Security

About our partners

Bellwether Education Partners are a nonprofit organisation focused on dramatically changing the American education system to allow every individual the ability to determine their own path and lead a productive and fulfilling life, regardless of race, ethnicity, and income. 

The challenge

In the US today approximately 1.2 million teachers, spread across 15 states, aren’t covered by Social Security. Astonishingly, over half of new teachers will not qualify for a pension at all, and for those who do qualify, many will receive pensions worth less than their own contributions. We had to make a two minute film telling the story of Social Security, how it still varies across states and what impact that has on teachers and saving for their retirement.

The film

Our 'explainer video' for Bellwether Education Partners uses crisp attention-grabbing, black line drawings, with punchy accent colours on a bright white background and a clear voice-over track.  This style is coherent, clean and incredibly engaging and helps tell the story of how the social security exclusion came about, what it means for teachers, and what actions can be taken to make teacher retirement plans portable by default, to provide all teachers with financially secure benefits.

The context

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