Elevator Pitch

About the client

Since 2003, BlueVolt have been enabling manufacturers to keep all their distribution partners well versed in product knowledge and best able to make sales. They have done this through their comprehensive e-learning platform. This platform offers deep expertise to customers in the provision of services to grow knowledge and business, and BlueVolt came to us to create a Whiteboard Animation which highlights just how valuable this is.

The challenge

In a 60 second film we had to tell BlueVolt’s story, showing how their e-learning platform works and the advantages it has over other types of product training. This had to capture some of the technical elements of BlueVolt’s system and visually fit well with their brand and other marketing materials. Most importantly it had to appeal to and engage potential customers.

The film

A well trained staff is the best way to ensure your product is being presented properly to customers. You could rely on activities like lunch and learns, or on experienced staff sharing their knowledge. These only train a fraction of your staff, this film shows how BlueVolt’s e-learning platform provides a much more effective solution to training staff.

To bring BlueVolt’s story to life, the film used the opening transaction as a center piece to map BlueVolt’s message and methodology. Direct visual metaphors, diverse characters and an engaging voiceover allowed the film to communicate with BlueVolt’s audience while the use of BlueBolt’s logo and colours enabled the film to easily fit into their existing brand. These factors created a Whiteboard Animation that explained the problem and BlueVolt’s solution in a striking way.

The context

Find out more about the ways BlueVolt can empower you to give your staff the training they need to make a difference here at their website.

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