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The Whiteboard Animation and Illustration style is ideal for explainer videos, infographics, marketing materials and presentations.

We are the Whiteboard Animation company that created the RSA Animates and are early pioneers of the Whiteboard style.

Our award-winning creative team use video scribing techniques to make your vision into a bespoke and tailored Whiteboard Animation. Our range of product levels means that we have the perfect approach. This allows us to create Whiteboard Animations and Illustrations that capture your vision, communicate your message and appeal to your audience. They are informative, engaging and unforgettable.

We began developing our trademark Whiteboard Animation and drawing styles back in 2008 when we started working with the The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. We used Whiteboard Animation to create the RSA Animates series, which transformed low engagement rates into a series of animated explainer videos with over a 100 million views on YouTube. A huge success, the series shows the power of Whiteboard Animation.

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