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It's a world of small screens delivering big pictures. A world of Facebooks and Instagrams. A world where nothing is complete without a 'hashtag'. Making your content stand out can be hard, not to mention keeping it fresh and achieving regular engagement with shares and likes.  We understand this world and we can help. Cognitive have a strong track record when it comes to creating bespoke content that boosts social engagement.

At Cognitive, we specialise in creating visually interesting content for your audience to like and share. We create content that makes you stand out, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other content (Buffer 2014)! Coloured visuals increase people's willingness to read a piece of content by 80% (Xerox 2014) and infographics are liked and shared on social media more than any other type of content (Mass Planner 2015).   Our infographics and animations play to all these criteria and consistently boost social engagement.

‘We work with Cognitive because they have a track record of being able to present data and facts in an appealing and immediately engaging way..and their work with us often has a massive reach.’
— Paddy Delaney from Project Everyone

How do we do it? A prime example is our work with Project Everyone and the UN Global Goals campaign.


The Project

The UN's 17 goals for sustainable development were launched in 2015. These goals represent fundamental steps to a better world including no poverty, renewable energy and quality education. Inspiring work, but how do you keep social momentum and engagement high three years down the line?

Enter Cognitive: working with Project Everyone, we have been creating content for The Global Goals social media platforms to engage with the public; highlighting the goals and celebrating the progress that has been made.

The challenge: Progress updates can be a little dry. So, Project Everyone wanted a more engaging way to present facts and examples of progress.

The solution: We used our visual thinking approach to bring the facts and examples of progress to life in the form of illustrations.

Why an illustration? As the research above shows; it works well on social media – visual communication is much more engaging. Static illustrations are easily shareable without any danger of ‘buffering’.

Our illustrators developed unique illustrations focusing attention on often very delicate topics. They took dry data and Project Everyone's branding guidelines. From this they created bespoke visuals that were informative while also being accessible, engaging and more memorable than written text. 

Done sensitively, but with powerful imagery, people are more likely to engage. Turning this into a weekly campaign using #FactFriday helped to build a regular engaged audience who kept following because they didn’t want to miss out on what was coming next!


The Global Goals campaign results have been extremely positive. The #FactFriday about Gender Equality in Parliaments (see above) globally captured the Zeitgeist during Suffragette month and got the highest number of likes of an Instagram post for the whole Global Goal's campaign.

Working with Project Everyone has been inspiring: not just because the goals themselves inspire, but also because we can see the power our work has in creating positive change in the world. Below you can browse some of the work we have done with @TheGlobalGoals on Instagram. Read more about our work with Project Everyone here.

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