Timescales for Animations

Each product goes through 3 distinct phases; Planning, Development and Final Result.  However, as each of our three animated products deliver different levels of detail,  the timescales and steps through the production process are different. Obviously, being visual thinkers here at Cognitive we couldn’t resist illustrating these. However, if you have any questions about the production process or how long our animations take then please get in touch.

Timescales for Animated Infographic

Animated Infographic is our entry-level product, and to keep the budget as affordable as possible, we keep these animations shorter, following a simpler story and using fewer illustrations to bring the story to life.  Animated Infographic can be completed very quickly allowing us to give you a great piece of communication in for those quick-turnaround scenarios.

Timescales for Essential Message

Essential Message Timescales

We scope our Essential Message animations to allow us to spend more time developing the narrative and visual elements.  This means a longer more developed story line, with more developed illustrations and characters.  It also means more opportunities to work collaboratively with you to build the story and hone the illustrations and animations.

Timescales for Extra Narrative

Extra narrative is our flagship product.  Here we pull out all the stops to develop a rich supercharged story, supported by even more complex illustrations and animations.  With 3 rounds of script development this narrative will be perfectly tailored to your needs.  We also allow more Illustration and animation time to really bring the script to life, packing the final film with detail and movement that delivers that extra wow!