If Superhero powers were real: Invisibility


If Superhero Powers were Real: Invisibility

Cognitive and TED collaboration

About the speaker

Ray Laurence

Joy Lin graduated with 3 degrees in science by the age of 21, but decided to follow a teaching career rather than one in academia. She is a writer and educator, and in 2012, she was chosen as one of 18 winners of Ted Ed’s ‘Lessons Worth Sharing’. She describes herself as being ‘one lab accident away from becoming a supervillain’.  

The big issue

What if you could really be invisible? How cool would that be? In this quirky look at superhero powers, Joy Lin reveals some of the hidden pitfalls to being invisible. Invisibility sounds good, but the world is a dangerous place when no one can see you. And what happens when invisibility encounters the laws of optics? When it comes to the truth about invisibility, seeing is believing. 

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