Describing the Invisible Properties of Gas


Describing the Invisible Properties of Gas

Cognitive and TED collaboration

About the speaker

Ray Laurence

Brian Bennett is a High School Chemistry teacher in northern Indiana. After graduating in 2008, he moved to South Korea, where he started to question the effectiveness of traditional teaching methods. He found that teaching through ‘Flipped classrooms’ was much more successful, where traditional ‘lecturing’ is delivered outside the classroom, (often through online videos), while activities usually seen as homework are undertaken in the classroom under the guidance of a mentor. He has been an advocate of ‘flipped classrooms’ ever since.




The big issue

Gases are all around us – you’re breathing them in while reading this – but as Brian Bennett shows in this fun animation, gases are not only tricky to observe, they’re also a bit weird. From their odd lack of volume to their aversion to being touched, gases are a form of matter with their own rules. And when you know how truly odd gases are, you might even think before taking your next breath!

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