An Animated Tour of the Invisible


An Animated Tour of the Invisible

Cognitive and TED collaboration

About the speaker

Ray Laurence

With no hyperbole, John Lloyd is a legend in British comedy. As producer of ‘Not The Nine O Clock News’, ‘Blackadder’, ‘Spitting Image’ and ‘QI’ John Lloyd has been at the heart of the best British comedy over the last thirty years. ‘Genius’ is an overused word, but not when it comes to describing John Lloyd.

 The big issue

What important things can we actually see? From gravity to consciousness to light itself, it seems we can’t see very much. In this funny, thought provoking talk, John Lloyd lifts the lid on how very little we know about anything. We might think we’re terribly clever, but it seems that the more firmly we try to grasp understanding of the world around us, the more complicated and invisible it becomes. With all this ignorance, does life come down to two questions? And what are they?

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Do cows moo in regional accents? Are you allowed to use a machine gun to kill hedgehogs in the UK? What has netted London Underground more money than running its trains? Which does Scotland have more of – pandas or Conservative MPs? The answers to these questions and 1,223 others are waiting for you in this book by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson.

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