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How will the British Council mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death in 2016? 

In 2016 it will be 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare.

To mark this momentous milestone, the British Council is launching its global programme, Shakespeare Lives, to celebrate the life and works of the world’s favourite playwright.

We are very proud to have been chosen by the Jane and Roisin from the Council’s Arts Team to produce an animation to spearhead this exciting programme of events.

Jane and Roisin were great to work with. They have boundless enthusiasm for the campaign and had lots of input throughout the production process. The result is an entertaining romp of a film packed with visual puns and jokes that pays homage to the Bard’s playfulness and inventiveness with language.

This film will have a truly global reach. So far, we’ve translated the film into six languages and produced a trailer for social media which includes a short, surprising fact about Shakespeare’s life and the #ShakespeareLives hashtag. 

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