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Extra Narrative

Sometimes 60 seconds just isn’t enough time to tell your story. Our Extra Narrative package gives you up to three minutes – perfect if you have a lot to say or your message is very complex, but still short enough to hold people’s attention in a world where time is short and attention spans shorter.

Instead of simply delivering your core message, we can add detail and give your audience a richer, deeper experience.

Extra Narrative uses a combination of simple but powerful visual techniques allied to animation and sound effects to engage your audience.


Every five years, we hold a General Election. On this day, every eligible person in the UK can place a vote and be part of electing their local representative to Parliament. This fun and speedy guide wraps the whole process up in just over a minute.

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Essential Messaging

In a fast-moving world, it’s getting harder to grab and hold people’s attention. Effective communication is therefore vital for businesses, institutions and individuals in this rapidly over-crowding space.

Our Essential Messaging technique streamlines communication and cuts to the core of your message by delivering the absolute essentials of your story in clear, effective and engaging ways.

Wiseman Promo

Research we carried out with Professor Richard Wiseman shows that hand-drawn animation is much more effective at conveying information than a talking head video. Our short film summarises the results.

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