Product Overview

An Introduction to Visual Storytelling

Cognitive Media - Choosing the right product

Choosing The Right Product

Visual storytelling isn’t simply about creating 4-minute whiteboard animations. At Cognitive our experts turn your ideas into graphics that not only help you tell a story, but also highlight the key messages so your audience will remember them. We do this through two types of static products and three levels of animated films, so that you can find the solution that fits both your project and your budget perfectly.  This bespoke highly visual approach is perfect for creating 'Explainer Videos', helping you communicate technical information in a much more engaging way

Static Products

Cognitive Media Static Illustrations

Did you know that half our brains are dedicated to the processing of visual input? The brain can deftly recognise patterns, proportions and relationships so it finds it easier to process information if it is presented as an image rather than just words or numbers. We can bring clarity to ideas that are hard to put into words with a few well thought out pictures, or explain complex systems in a single graphic. 



Hand drawn graphics
that grab & engage audiences

Big Picture

Perfect for complex processes
or company stories


Animated Products

Cognitive Media Animated Products

Whether it’s a small film with a light touch in an Animated Infographic, the right balance of words, pictures and storytelling in our Essential Message films, or the 'Full Monty' with extra sauce in our Extra Narrative product. All of them are designed to give you the best visual thinking and storytelling for your requirements to suit your budget. If you just don’t know what you need then please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss which product might be right to supercharge your project.


Animated Infographic

Animated Infographic can take what appears to be dry information, and give it a real visual boost so that it becomes engaging and memorable!

Essential Message

The perfect combination of visual, joined-up thinking, with just the right balance of words and pictures to supercharge your message and make it stick in the mind of your audience!

Extra Narrative

An Extra Narrative film can create information-rich visual tapestries woven from thorough research, superb illustration and animation.

What you get in each product

If you’re not sure which product is right for you, or want to discuss any of our products further, we’re always ready to help.

Comes with: Illustration Big Picture Animated Infographic Essential Message Extra Narrative
Your branding  
Creative meeting or call
Professional voiceover    
Hand drawn illustrations
Light animation      
Enhanced animation        
Simple sound effects        
Bespoke sound effects        
One feedback round  
Multiple feedback rounds        

Optional Extras:

Add on: Illustration Big Picture Animated Infographic Essential Message Extra Narrative
Composed music    
Bespoke sound effects     already included
Additional language voiceover(s)    
Additional language on-screen text    

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Cognitive Media - Static Illustration

Working with Cognitive will give you more than pretty pictures to pep up a presentation. Because we are visual thinkers and visual storytellers, we can get to the crux of what’s really important in your messages. We find the story in them and create graphics that grab your audience, engage them and help them remember exactly what you want them to. Our illustrations can be used digitally or in print, so you can share them, use them in presentations, print them and put them on the wall or whatever you want.

Big Picture

Cognitive Media Big Picture Illustration

Every picture tells a story, so logically our Big Picture can tell a big story. Got a complicated process to explain? Or a company story to tell? However difficult your subject matter might be, we can unpack your ideas and realize them visually so that they flow logically and draw the eye through the story. Our Big Picture has impact both as an overall image and in the way viewers can then look more closely at the detail. It can be used on the wall as information art, shared digitally and you can even use parts of it in isolation to illustrate presentations or documents.

Animated Infographic

Animated Infographic is our simplest animation, but it packs a lot of punch into a minute or so. A well-researched script, coupled with clear graphics gives you two information streams that re-enforce each other. It’s perfect for bringing facts and figures to life or making information memorable. When you need a quick hit of information, go for Animated Infographic. 

Essential Message


Essential Message is our most popular animation. Do you have a story to tell? Need something to explain what your company does in two minutes? Our Essential Message animation turns your information into an engaging story. Script, graphics and animation combine to explain even complex subjects in an entertaining way. Short enough to use as a meeting kick-starter, but detailed enough to stand alone - if you want a versatile mix of brevity and detail, go for Essential Message.


Extra Narrative

Extra Narrative is our full-fat, 5 star animation with all the bells and whistles.

If you’ve got a lot of technical information to relay, a complex system to describe, an innovative product to explain, or simply need to put your information into a particular context, Extra Narrative is the animation style you need. Using rich backgrounds, characters, sound effects, music and fuller animation helps us create worlds that draw the audience in so that they can absorb a large amount of detailed information. Sounds like what you need? Go for Extra Narrative.